Monday, August 25, 2014

GCSE to IB Maths: Bridge course by Mr. Vikram

Mr. Vikram has started a bridge course for GCSE Maths students who wish to take the IB Maths (Higher or Standard) level. The Maths course is being conducted in Dubai Knowledge Village at Gore's Tutoring Dubai. 

Mr. Vikram has specialized in IB Maths and has been tutoring Dubai students for last the 10 years. The students who take the GCSE curriculum (Edexcel / AQA) need to put in atleast 2 months of intensive maths tutoring to cover 28 topics that are required for smooth transition to IB Maths.

The Maths topics are taught with a view to enhance the concepts and help the students to identify,apply and then solve the IB level questions. The Bridge program is divided into 3 levels. 

The Level 1 involves extension topics from GCSE / Additional Maths. Level 2 includes new topics that require good understanding of Level 1 topics. The Level 2 topics introduce the IB Maths foundation content that targets the "Method" "M1" usually ignored by most of the students. 

Level 3 topics contain mixed concepts. This techniques helps students to answer questions that have more than one chapter content. For example: Trigonometry with Calculus etc

For enrolling into GCSE to IB Maths Bridge Course, contact 052 768 95 65  / 050 90 21 727


Sunday, August 17, 2014

An Innovative Tutoring Approach at Gore's IB Tutoring program in Dubai

IB Exam tutoring at Gore's Tutoring Dubai is the first of its kind tutoring program for Dubai students appearing in the INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE Exams.Offering comprehensive coverage of all topics and options at both standard and higher level, Gore's IB Tutoring program is a truly versatile Tutoring program.The IB Lessons at Gore's Dubai are conducted by experienced IB teachers who are well versed with the IB examination pattern.

Guiding Principles at Gore's Dubai IB Tutoring :

Carefully selected use of language and engaging style enables students to understand fundamentals of subject and build up exam relevant vocabulary.Helping students develop thinking skills, making observations and deductions; understanding the quality and value of evidence and questioning how we “know” – making those essential links to Theory of Knowledge

Gore's Dubai IB Tutoring Method

Tutoring begins from elementary principles and provides structured approach through the syllabus
Problem-solving approach with up-to-date examples so that students can see the wider implications of the subject in our society and environment;Offers hints and advice to students about what the examiners really want.

Gore's Dubai tutors follow syllabus topic by topic, consolidating knowledge and understanding;Encourage students to further their understanding without ever complicating the subject; highlight common misconceptions and pitfalls and how to avoid them; offer hints to help students tackle, understand and remember key concepts; Provide tips on how to approach exam questions to help boost exam performance;

Checking Student's Progress at Gore's IB Tutoring:

Tutoring builds on core concepts which are reviewed at regular intervals so that students see the “big picture” and not a jumble of unrelated facts to memorize; Identifies key concepts and idea threads that so that students see more clearly how new knowledge builds on past; Regular practice of principles helps students apply knowledge and gain full credit for understanding in final exam

Practice – Test

No tired old past paper questions: each question is new and written for the IB syllabus, providing a vast question bank for testing students’ abilities; That doesn't mean, we ignore past paper practice! At Gore's Tutoring, past paper practice is a key element of the study. However, IB exam patterns keep changing every year. Our tutors believe in testing students with new questions to prepare them for surprises!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Algebra-Real Numbers-tutoring contents at Gore's Tutoring Dubai

Dubai Maths Algebra Tutoring (0509021727) consists of teaching 10 Modules that include:

 Real Numbers    
 Linear Equations
 Linear Inequalities
 Graphs and Functions
 Systems of Equations and Inequalities
 Polynomials and Factoring
 Rational Expressions
 Square Roots and Irrational Numbers
 Quadratic and Exponential Equations and Functions

To register for Dubai Maths Algebra Tutoring classes, call Gore's Tutoring's  050 90 21 727 /052 768 95 65 / 055710 9457 / 050 2149099

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The First Module "Real Number" tutoring technique involves comprehensive teaching of key concepts related to Real Numbers. The Dubai Maths Tutor (Gore's Tutoring) has Math Specialists who work on every student's Algebra concepts, observe their working, suggest changes if necessary, assign practice questions in Real Number (Algebra).

REAL NUMBERS chapter is divided into the following sub topics as listed below. Each sub-topic is explained and ample practice is provided for each of these topics.

1)Number Lines
2) Inequalities on a Number Line
3) Sets and Symbols
4) Order of Operations
5) Algebra Expressions with Fraction Bars
6) Algebra Expressions with Exponents
7) Calculator Use with Algebra Expressions
8) Numerical Expression Evaluation
9) Numerical Expression Evaluation with Basic Operations
10) Numerical Expression Evaluation with Grouping Symbols
11) Expression Evaluation with Powers and Grouping Symbols
12) Polynomial Expression Evaluation
13) Definition of Variable
14) Mathematical Expressions
15) Expressions with One or More Variables
16) Patterns and Expressions
17) Words that Describe Patterns
18) Single Variable Expressions
19) Expressions for Real-Life Situations
20) Checking Solutions
21) Checking Solutions to Equations
22) Checking Solutions to Inequalities
23) Variable Expressions
24) Addition and Subtraction Phrases as Expressions
25) Multiplication and Division Phrases as Expressions
26) Sums and Differences of Single Variable Expressions
27) Products and Quotients of Variable Expressions
28) Working with Real Numbers
29) Axioms for Real Numbers
30) Mixed Numbers in Applications
31) Rational Numbers in Applications
32) Distributive Property
33) Expressions and the Distributive Property
34) When to Use the Distributive Property
35) Distributive Property to Evaluate Formulas with Decimals
36) Opposites and Absolute Values
37) Additive Inverses and Absolute Values
38) Absolute Value
39) Operations with Real Numbers
40) Properties of Real Number Addition
41) Properties of Real Number Multiplication
42) Simplify Expressions
43) Simplify Variable Expressions Involving Integer Addition
44) Simplify Variable Expressions Involving Integer Subtraction
45) Simplify Variable Expressions Involving Integer Multiplication
46) Simplify Variable Expressions Involving Integer Division
47) Simplify Sums or Differences of Single Variable Expressions
48) Simplify Products or Quotients of Single Variable Expressions
49) Simplify Variable Expressions Involving Multiple Operations

To register for Gore's Tutoring's Maths lessons, call 050 90 21 727 /052 768 95 65 / 055710 9457 / 050 2149099

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Free IGCSE Maths Tutoring in Dubai

Hi Dubai Students !
Gore's Tutoring Dubai is conducting free tutoring for students who are appearing for the IGCSE Maths Exams (CIE / Edexcel) in November. This special summer offer is for the first 5 students only. 

The IGCSE Maths lessons at Gore's Tutoring Dubai are Fast track tutoring sessions that focus on the past paper solving techniques. Hundreds of students have benefitted from Gore's Tutoring's teaching methods. Our tutors can accurately predict the grades based on the performance of the students at our tutoring center. The Tutoring Center (Gore's) assesses every student with mock IGCSE papers that are concept specific. 

At Gore's, we offer the high quality teaching at affordable fees. The lessons are in Small groups as well as private (one-on-one) depending on the student requirements. 

The tutoring center (Gore's) is located in Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV). The center is licensed by KHDA, the Education Authority in Dubai, and recognized by various international boards. The tutors are full time and have experience of more than 5 years or more. At Gore's every teacher is trained before he/she is recruited. The selection of teachers is done by tests, followed by personal interview and then by mock tutoring sessions. Once the tutor is selected, he/she does the orientation with our senior tutors before they start teaching. Additionally, each tutor is sent for advanced training at British Council. 

At Gore's Tutoring Dubai, the tutoring is monitored with layered approach. The Layered Approach involves constant monitoring of teaching techniques used by the tutors, student performance, course content review etc. 

Besides Maths, Gore's Tutoring Dubai offers tutoring programs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Economics, Business, French, Spanish, English, SAT, AP (Advanced Placement), ACT etc.

You can call 050 9021727 / 052 768 9565 / 050 2149099 / 0557109457

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Friday, August 1, 2014

IB Year 9 Topics for IB preparation at Gore's Tutoring Dubai

Dear Dubai IB students!
Dubai Tutoring / Dubai Tutors / Gore's Tutoring is introducing a fast track refresher Maths program for Year 9 students in Dubai. This Maths tutoring program is being conducted by Gore's Tutoring Dubai at their Knowledge Village Center. The lessons would be conducted by Mr. Vikram. He has over 12 years of IB Maths tutoring experience. Interested students in Dubai can contact 050 9021727 / 052 768 95 65

The topics which will be focused upon are:

1) System of Equations
2) Linear Relationships
3) Quadratics
4) Inequalities
5) Simplifying and Solving
6) Exponents

7) Shapes and Transformations
8) Angles and Measurement
9) Justifications and Similarity
10) Trigonometry
11) Probability
12) Congruent Triangles
13) Quadrilaterals
14) Polygons and Circles
15) Solids and Constructions

For more information please call 050 9021727 / 052 768 95 65


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dubai Maths Tutoring Student pictures: Gore's Tutoring Centre Dubai

Dubai Maths Tutor is the most popular Maths tution resource in Dubai. The tutoring center known as Gore's Tutoring is based in Knowledge Village Dubai (Block 19, second floor).

Dubai Maths tutoring also known as Gore's Tutoring provides lessons for School subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business, Computers, English, Spanish, French, German etc.

The tutoring center (Gore's Tutoring) Dubai, is a premier school tutoring service provider for homework help, Language lessons, exam prep (IB, AS,A levels, IGCSE, GCSE), Test preparation (SAT, AP) etc

                                         050 90 21 727 / 050 214 9099 / 052 768 95 65                      Email:

                     DUBAI TUTORS TEACHING IB, AS/A levels, IGCSE, GCSE, AP, SAT 

Mr. Vikram is a renowned Maths tutor for IB, AS/A level, IGCSE & GCSE Maths. He has tutored more than 2000 students in the last 12 years. Many of his students are in IVY league Universities, Oxford, Cambridge and other top rated universities. He teaches maths at Gore's Tutoring Dubai

Ms. Yogita is a well known Maths  Tutor who has been in the tutoring field for more than 5 years. She is from Mumbai and was a lecturer in a college in Mumbai. She teaches kids the secrets of Indian maths!! Indian Math Techniques are considered superior and much more advanced. Ms. Yogita works on laying a strong  Maths foundation for Kids.

Ms. Ketki's Science lessons in progress IB, AS,A levels, IGCSE Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) are the subjects taught at Gore's Tutoring Dubai.

English Language lessons at Gore's Tutoring Dubai are conducted by Native Female (UK) tutors at our center based in Dubai Knowledge Village. Gore's Tutoring Dubai, provides tutoring for GCSE, IGCSE English, English for year 2 to year 9, IB English, AS, A level English tutions in Dubai. Call 052 768 95 65
050 90 21727  / 050 214 9099;

Mr. Vikram's IB Maths Lessons are rated the Best in Dubai. Hundreds of IB students from Top IB Schools in Dubai are being tutored at Gore's Tutoring Centre under Mr. Vikram's guidance.

Mr. Vikram teaching Physics for a group of talented IGCSE students. He has authored books in Maths & Physics and gives tips & tricks to get top grades in the board exams.

An IB Maths (Trigonometry) lesson in progress. Use of calculator in trigonometry.

SAT Maths lesson underway...................... Gore's Tutoring has prepared SAT Maths, SAT Critical Reading and SAT Writing books and online modules. We do not rely on traditional test prep books that other test prep centres use and promote.  : Premier English Language tutoring center in Dubai for IGCSE, GCSE, AS,A levels, IB Boards

Monday, February 24, 2014

SAT Test Preparation in Dubai: FREE Course Books, Software offered !

SAT Test Preparation at 'Dubai Tuitions' is handled by specialists! Well, we have dedicated tutors for each section of the coveted SAT examination. In addition to the classroom lessons, at DT we offer a robust online support for all our students.

Mr. Vikram's SAT Maths Lesson 

The test preparation focusses on "TEACHING" and not merely handing out books and base the learning on these books. This is the technique that other centers / individual tutors offer.
There are aspects of the training that we offer which constitute what is known as "Integrated Learning" Technique.
1) Classroom training / tutoring with expert tutors (30 hours with NATIVE TUTORS)
2) Online learning with thousands of worked out examples with video solutions
3) Unlimited number of practice examples
4) Doubt clearing sessions with tutors on worked out examples and conceptual problems.
5) Feedback to parents as well as to the students on how they are performing on every section and every type of question. Suggestions for improvement
6) Diagnostic tests (4 Tests) with test score reports.

7)  Three Branded SAT Workbooks for practice at home. The books are labelled as "Critical Reading", "Writing" and "Maths" Contact: 052 768 95 65 

Dubai Tuitions is home to Maths Tutoring in Dubai. Expert tutors with more than a decade of teaching Maths, Science and Languages for the IGCSE, GCSE, A levels, IB, SAT, AP, SABIS boards.

Call 050 9021 727  / 050 214 9099